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I am committed to playing Dragon Age Inquisition. Every race, every gender, every job class, and every specialization. I will romance every romancable character, and abstain from romance all together when my character falls for an unromancable character. I will celebrate the world and the story. I will lead them to victory and I will fall with them in defeat. I will explore the world and create the most famed weapons and armors the land has ever seen. I will become the greatest herbalist the world has ever known. And I will do it, because Bioware has made all those things possible. Just one playthrough will never be enough.




Solas as a Female elf only romance makes me just so dang pleased. Sorry folks. Some people are just picky and you’re gonna just have to deal with it! Not everyone wants to get up all over everyone that moves.

Not being straight doesn’t mean that someone wants to ‘get up all…

Actually my comment was more for the folk who are throwing a fit at Bioware for not making every single character bi and open to all races. It has nothing to do with anyone’s sexual orientation and everything to do with whining.

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